Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feeding Potted Roses and Sunday Portraits

Is it summer already? With the school year ending, a graduation, two birthday parties and a swarm of little things all demanding attention at once, I hadn't realized it has been a whole month since my last post. My apologies.

I am behind on many garden tasks (deadheading has been especially hard to keep up with), but one problem I did manage to solve is fertilizing my potted own-root classic hybrid tea roses. The roses grow in an organic potting mix which is mostly redwood compost and manure. Its drainage is good, but it disappears fast and seems to lack nutrients. This year, I decided to try a combination of a complete organic fertilizer in an effort to maintain a richer growing medium, and a synthetic granular fertilizer (I use a 14-4-8 with macro nutrients, which happens to be labeled citrus and avocado food).

√Čtoile de Feu

After a few years' absence, basal breaks are back.


There seem to be many more buds too.

Dame Edith Helen

Even the most feeble cultivars seem to thrive on this treatment. I apply the two fertilizers alternatively about every three weeks to a month in small doses and make sure the pots are well watered. I only wish it wasn't so much work:).

Prinzessin Marie von Arenberg at left, Intermezzo at right. Prinzessin takes the prize as the weakest grower in my garden.

Today was uncharacteristically gloomy and overcast. I managed a quick jog to the Heritage garden, and below are a few pictures of the many roses going through their June flush. 

Lady Penzance
Black Ice


Mrs. Anthony Waterer

Persian Autumn

Alexandra Rose
Pink Grootendorst

'Portland from Glendora'

'Lupe's Buttons'

Careless Love

'Bermuda's Kathleen'

Bishop Darlington

A too curious companion (juvenile Western scrub jay)