Thursday, August 28, 2014

Roses at the Heritage

I finally found some time today for a trip to the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden.

I realized with dismay that my previous visit there was in March, so I was really really happy to see the collection again, with so many roses in full late summer flush. Here is the tour and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Gene Boerner

White Gene Boerner

White Gene Boerner

White Gene Boerner, Lilac Dawn, and Gene Boerner in the background

Gene Boerner

Gene Boerner

Lilac Dawn

Edith de Murat/Mme Cornelissen


Centenaire de Lourdes

'La Nymphe' (noisette, found rose)

Ilse Haberland

Conrad o'Neal

Irish Elegance

'Curtiss Ave. Yellow Tea #1'

Anna Weatcroft
Rosa roxburghii (chestnut rose) hip 
Bishop Darlington

'Francis Leake'/Mrs. Dudley Cross


'Literary Giant'


Martin Frobisher

British Queen

British Queen

La Reine?

Brilliant Pink Iceberg

Little Mermaid


Mechtilde von Neuerburg

Miranda (portland)

Rosa moschata



Puerto Rico

Poulsen's Fairy


Souvenir du Président Carnot

Sweet Vivien