Friday, June 3, 2011

After the Rain

We have been having a very cool spring, and it has rained a few times recently, very unusual for this time of year.

Geranium Rozanne and a pink penstemon

   My garden looks different from its usual self.


Salvia patens Blue Angel

The roses that like our dry heat have lots of disease and are sulking.

 Once-bloomers have had a great time and a long display of blooms which would normally fry quickly in the heat.

Mme. Isaac Pereire
 Strangely enough, my Mme. Isaac Pereire, which is usually so temperamental that it gets sick in any climate and situation, is holding out pretty well. The foliage is not perfect, but far from the disaster I thought it would be.

Nepeta with some ivy geraniums in the background

A lot of my rose companions took forever to start blooming... Spring flush took such a long time to get going that I took very few pictures of the plant combinations - they weren't blooming together!

'Mrs. E. G. Hill'

On the other hand, the colors look very rich and saturated, probably because of all the extra rain and gentle warmth we have been having.

 Still, I can't help wishing it would warm up a bit.

Lyda Rose
I am getting a little tired of the chilliness and the droopy roses...

The boss


  1. Niech pogoda służy Twoim kwiatom i były zawsze piękne, jak są.Ostatnie dwa zdjęcia są bardzo miłe. Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  2. Witaj Masha...piękne rośliny i jeszcze piękniejsze zdjęcia... pozdrawiam Gabi

  3. Congratulations Masha for your "Félicité Parmentier" : very classy and delicate flower. I would be great to have rain as well in Europe : there is a huge lack of water over there... We have been having a mediterranean weather for 2 months, very exciting though dramatic for water resources...

  4. I found your blog by chance yesterday and I confess that I admire your garden, your photographs, but especially your way to combine roses with other plants and obtaining fusion of shapes and colors ... I'm still admiring your garden.

    How do you get your roses are so lush? mine have a lot less flowers. I fertilizer to early spring, but may not be enough. You give me some advice?

    thanks and congratulations

  5. I love, love love that hummingbird photos. Beautiful.

  6. In Greece, we have a similar spring, a lot of rain and unusual cold in the night time. A very different spring.
    I see, beautiful roses in your pictures, Masha. Vibrant colors, beautiful greens...And I want them all...
    I wonder, when my Colette will look like yours ?

  7. Masha, a beautiful post; I'm jealous of how well your roses have done this year...and the hummingbird should be on a calendar! Both pictures!

  8. Oh..It's so really your pics! The boss is incredible!
    Have a nice week end!

  9. The fact that it was raining in your area made the news out here because it is so unusual this time of year. At least its keeping the powdery mildew at bay :) We were having such a nice mix of rain and sun here until about 2 weeks ago, and sure enough, a week after it stopped raining normally: boom powdery mildew. Still, took at least a month longer than last year!

  10. Thank you, Giga and Gabi. I am glad you liked the pictures.

    Gabriel, I agree with your description of the rose, classy and delicate. One of my favorites. I am sorry there is no rain where you are - I hope it will come soon as will some warmth for us (I turned on the heat this morning)

    Thank you, Rosa, for your compliments. In my climate, water matters much more than fertilizer. My roses are in heavy clay which is pretty rich with nutrients (other than nitrogen which has to be added). It is mostly water that is needed to get them to bloom. I am looking forward to reading your blog, too.

    Thank you, Donna, I am glad you appreciate my trying to keep it interesting for non-rose people too :).

    Dani, I am sorry to hear that. I hope it ends soon. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of Colette on your blog, I am sure it is lovely.

    Professor, thank you, and I should have included some pictures of multicolor leaves (yellow rust and white mildew and black blackspot) to make you feel better :). Some roses are complete disasters this year....

    Monica, thank you. He rules the garden and decides which flowers I cut back and when :)

    Jess, interesting. It seems that lots of people have been having strange weather. Mildew might not be so bad, but rust! and blackspot! In fact, I haven't seen so much blackspot in a while...

  11. Wonderful pictures of your garden, Masha! Colette looks simply to die for. The fat globular blooms are so incredible pretty. Your Mme. Isaac Pereire is also particularly beautiful. How tall and wide is this rose for you? I love the photos of the hummer. These little creatures are so amazing birds!

  12. We also have an unusual spring. Too much rain and storm! The plants are on the ground.
    I've fallen in love to see your Basye's Purple Rose! I read that was a very healthy rose, right?
    The boss is lovely!

  13. Christina, thank you. My MIP is going on 6' tall with support. I am training it as a climber.

    Yolanda, I didn't know you had a cool spring too. You must understand how I feel. Basye's Purple Rose is healthy (except that it needs soil amendments to correct for alkalinity). and leaves turn a beautiful orangey yellow in the fall.

  14. Love the photos of "The Boss" :) The Félicité Parmentier is really stunning. I think everything looks beautiful - I can't wait to see it in summer.

  15. Beautiful pictures of your garden, in any weather! And the hummingbird is just divine!

  16. Hello, Masha !
    Oh, how lovely. Very enchanting pictures...
    I love that hummingbird photos.

  17. Your photos are true art. Love the little boss!

  18. I like the boss! He is so adorable! We have a few of those around the hummer feeders. Your roses are so beautiful...I love looking at them.

  19. Such beautiful blooms and photos! We've been having a very hot spell for the last week - time for the sunflowers and zinnias to begin blooming.

  20. Piękne róże Masha ...można się zachwycać nimi ....
    A fotki są cudowne !!!!podobają mi się ujęcia i wyrazistość Twoich kwiatów ....pozdrawiam.

  21. Thank you, Christine. I will be sure to take some pictures.

    Thank you, klaraau01, Sandra, Holley, and the Sage Butterfly, for your lovely comments. I am so happy you liked this post.

    Ginny, thank you, and I will be sure to check your blog for pictures of sunflowers and zinnias. I know your garden looks wonderful.

  22. Thank you, Bogusia. I am always glad to hear from you.

  23. Your garden is filled with delights! I love the Blue Angel salvia and the penstemon in background of the first photo. It looks like a penstemon that I can't grow in New Mexico.

  24. Masha the roses and other blooms are so beautiful...we were cold for most of May then we were in the 90s and everything came and went so poor flowers are still hiding and many have yet to show themselves..feels like early spring here still...

  25. GirlSprout, thank you. That penstemon is an ordinary garden hybrid, I am sorry I forgot the name. If you can grow any, you should be able to grow that one too.

    Donna, thank you, and that's how I feel too. I have been wondering where spring has been, and it is summer already.

  26. Great pictures of the boss. She is so cute. The flower colors look wonderfully fresh and vibrant. Beautiful photos too, as always.. any one could be a poster.

  27. Thank you, sweetbay. I am glad you like my pictures, compliments from such an accomplished photographer are always appreciated!

  28. All the photos are so stunning ! And your foliages look so healthy. I envy you. Here it's been too hot and too dry since weeks.

  29. Great pages, great pictures, great inspiration! Very glad I got to know about this on the GW.

  30. Merci, Isabelle. It is raining here as I write this, very strange. My roses are full of rust and blackspot... I hope your dry spell is over soon, and you get some rain.

    Thank you, Jana. I am glad you came over and left a comment. I appreciate it very much.

  31. Masha, your roses look beautiful especially Colette. Can't help but staring at its marvelous dense petals for good minutes! How I wish I have ur garden at this instance. The companion plants look great as well. You've inspired me to do more with my roses!- not just add more roses!

  32. Thank you, Rough Rosa. I am glad you find my pictures useful.

  33. Your garden is gorgeous, as usual!! Amazing pix of the hummer!! I have never been able to capture a shot of one.

  34. Thank you, Casa Mariposa. My resident hummer is so used to seeing and hearing my camera that he is quite calm when I am around.

  35. Masha, the hummingbird is so touchable! I think there's a handprint on my monitor where I reached out to hold it!
    Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing.


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