Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Fall Notes

I have been so busy lately it is hard to believe how much time has gone by already. 


Only when our first rains arrived about a week ago did it finally dawn on me that fall is here already and I'd better get out into the garden to enjoy the last of the season's offerings. 

Angel Face

A couple of unwelcome surprises greeted me among the roses. 

Geranium "Rozanne"

It seems that a whole army of grasshoppers has arrived to chew on the buds (sorry, no pictures, I go after them with secateurs, not the camera). 

Lady Hillingdon

I killed about 30 this week already! 

Cucumber beetles are everywhere too, whole hordes of them... 

Étoile de Lyon

I remember the last couple of years October blooms on my roses were perfectly clean, but this year a lot of them are still damaged, so I decided to deadhead my plants a little longer in the hope of seeing better blooms. 

Rosette Delizy

On the good side, lower temperatures have brought out brighter colors and intense fragrance, so when I do find an undamaged bloom it is a joy. 

Just Joey

My fall perennials and shrubs, such as Mexican sage, cape honeysuckle and Japanese anemones, are in full bloom...

Anemone "Honorine Jobert"

Anemone "Pretty Lady Susan"

 ...and my apples, unlike my roses :), show very little pest damage this year.

A Fuji apple

On the whole, I have learned to enjoy my garden however imperfect it is. 

Lyda Rose

Even a rose bloom that looks like Swiss cheese because of the holes a grasshopper chewed in the petals, can still smell sweet (provided that grasshopper is not still inside it). 

Dame Edith Helen

I have started my winter pruning already, not the roses which are almost all still growing, but some vines and shrubs. 

Classic Woman

Each year the plants grow bigger and it is more work to keep them contained. I don't mind, as it keeps me busy during the gray winter months.

My garden is very messy right now after a long growing season. As I look out on this wild tangle it is hard to imagine the orderly nakedness of winter. But I am beginning to look forward to it.

Mme. Berkeley


  1. Good to see you Masha. Nice compositions.

  2. I have missed your roses for a while. They came with a bang, so many, and full of sparkling raindrops.

    Your Rosette Delizy is making me dizzy. What a stunning shot!!!

  3. Hi Masha, very lovely fall post. I am amazed how well your roses are still doing for the time of the year and despite the damage that you mentioned that grasshopper and cucumber beetles are doing in your garden. I love, love, love your 'Dame Edith Helen' and 'Classic Woman'! Your anemones are also very pretty. I am wondering if I could anemones here in San Diego or if it is too hot for them. I don't see any in our neighborhood, though. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your outstanding photos.

  4. Sigh. I could spend all day visiting your blog! Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  5. Beautiful rain soaked blooms, Masha. But my favorite is the Fuji apple. Most would overlook that shot and it is stunning.

  6. Thank you, greggo and One. I have been trying to keep up with it all, just barely..

    Christina, my roses look well from far-away, but I am pretty tired of holes in crispy-looking petals... I don't see a lot of anemones in the neighborhood either, but they grow well anyway, with enough shade and water. If you have Western Gardening Book, you could look them up and see if they are recommended for your area.

  7. Thank you, Donna. I was looking for raindrops :). I appreciate your praise.

  8. Masha, now I see why they named it Angel Face. What a beauty! Such a beautiful post.

  9. Thank you, Sherry. I am so happy to hear from you again.

  10. Your roses are doing very well at this time of the year. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a lovely week

  11. wow.....welch wunderschöne Fotos :-)

    Liebe Grüße Eva

  12. :-) na początek, że po przerwie znowu jesteś z nami. Nie narzekaj na te różne owady, masz jeszcze co oglądać i wąchać. Moje ostatnie róże już niestety zmarzły. Pozdrawiam cieplutko

  13. Who's the fairest of them all ?
    Outstanding autumn roses, Masha !!! Welcome back, I am so glad to see your garden again ...

  14. I am envious to see your roses :), they are gorgeous, and you capture the beauty very well.

  15. Lovely pictures. So sorry to hear about your problems with the little munchers. :( I love seeing pics of your companion plantings, too. Your roses look divine. I can't wait till my Mme. Berkeley grows up a little more. Yours has such a variety of colors in the bloom.

  16. Very beautiful photos as usual. Do you spray your apples to keep them healthy? I have never had much luck with apples.

  17. What a delightful rose and posey filled post. Penelope is one of my favorites. I had Angel Face many years ago and she was really special. I loved her scent and her color. How neat to have your own Fuji apples. I love them.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  18. Your rose garden is beautiful despite the hungry grasshoppers. My favorite though is the fuji apple! It's luscious!

  19. Hi Masha, Every photograph is exquisite. You have an amazingly beautiful garden.

  20. Hello Masha...All these roses are beautiful for a month of october.The season continues and it is pleasure to enjoy his garden before winter.
    Good day jocelyne

  21. Von deiner Heuschreckenplage sieht man auf den Fotos aber nichts.;-) Wunderschöne Bilder wie immer, besonders das Foto von "Rosette Delizy" Ich wünsche dir, dass du die Heuschrecken bald vertreiben kannst und sie nicht all zuviel Schaden anrichten. Liebe Grüße Annette

  22. Wow you always publish stunning pics! Berkeley looks related to Cecile Brunner, I like it. I'm such a fan of Cecile (got the pink, the white and the yellow one - Perle d'Or-).
    Lyda Rose is wonderful! Is it scented too? It looks like a 3D picture, and depth of field you gave to the picture of the geranium...

  23. What a special autumn season in your garden, Masha - beauty everywhere!

  24. Beautiful photographs, especially love the Japanese anemones - they are darling.

  25. Thank you for sharing your amazing roses they are so beauitful.

  26. l tuo post è un tripudio di bellezza ...tanto che le piccole imperfezioni non si notano affatto.

  27. It is incredible that October can be so colorful for you. Gorgeous pictures of blooms. I enjoy visiting you blog and sometimes it seems that I can even feel slight rose fragrance from your pictures.

  28. So gorgeous! (I've added three roses to my garden!). What kind of camera do you use? Your photography is excellent. The colors are so vivid. When we lived in SD we had so many grasshoppers, they were eating the paint off houses. Happy hopper chopping!!

  29. Without words.
    Roses and photos perfect.

  30. Hello Masha, its so good to see you back and is it possible, are your pictures even better than before, or have I just missed them so much. I am adding one of your photos and a link to your site on my (Your Gardens page). If for any reason you want it removed please let me know.

  31. As always, beautiful roses. Your photo of 'Just Joey' is stunning. Such a wonderful fragrant rose.


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