Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Spring Roses

I would like to share with you some of my spring roses. Most of them are at the peak of bloom or already finishing up. This spring seems to have gone by very fast for me.

Gruss an Coburg. A wonderful rose, with lovely colors and a strong fragrance. Mine is own root from Vintage and has very good vigor.

Penelope in full bloom is a sight to see.

The apricot color fades quickly but the flowers still look lovely. Crepuscule is behind it.

Imagine (a Clements shrub).

Crown Princess Margareta on an arbor with several climbers on a long fence behind it.

Sophie's Perpetual, after several years, is still very small and sprawling.

Buff Beauty looking down on Memorial Day and Heritage.

Carding Mill.

Secret Garden Musk Climber.

Two Regensbergs and Buff Beauty

 Mrs. Wakefield Christie-Miller

Lyda Rose.

 Shön Ingeborg.

I like meat for dinner too :).


  1. Oh Wow Masha! They are all beautiful, but if I have to pick a favourite it would be Regensbergs. Magnificent!

  2. Stunning! Thanks so much for sharing those delightful beauties :)

  3. Oh my goodness, Masha. I wish I could spend just an hour in your garden! Such a dreamy place. :)

  4. Stunning, Masha. I especially love the lady bug eating the little insects..... fabulous shots of the roses but the lady is amazing!

  5. Masha, you are a rose growing genius! I want to be there too. But I have to go and lie down now, as I'm feeling a bit faint from being ravished by roses...

  6. what a good climate you live, Masha!Roses are so beautiful. I've planted new one climbing "Swan lake". Did you know it?

  7. Wow! Oh Masha what beautiful roses you have girl. I love the Carding Mill. What a beauty. I have had my eye out for the Buff Beauty. After seeing yours I know I have to find a place for one. A beautiful posting.

  8. You have some beautiful, healthy, and rare roses there! Penelope is one of my favorites, I only wish it would grow further north. Gruss an Coburg has fabulous color!

  9. Your Crown Princess M. is an absolute stunner! I still don't have it and long for it! To me it seems still one of the best Austins. So vigourous. Your's seems huge?
    Wish you a splendid May in full bloom!

  10. I love the David Austin roses, and your 'Crown Princess Margareta' is gorgeous! Well, all of your roses are simply breathtaking. You must be in rose heaven right now!

  11. Alright I have to know, if you had to pick 2, only 2, for the rest of your life, which two would you pick. Which are your two must haves? :)

  12. I truly like them all Masha, Roses don't flower in Spring over here.

  13. Hi Masha! What a relief seeing some aphids and some mildew on your roses too along with the ladybug! :)
    Lyda rose is very nice, I read it's a Francis E. Lester seedligs, which makes her even more interesting to me! does it set hips? Is it really strongly scented?
    I like Gruss an Coburg too.

  14. MMM LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I want to follow, do you have twitter or facebook??

    If you want to see a swedish beautiful botanic garden, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  15. Thank you!

    Nadezhda, I have never seen Swan Lake in person, but it looks beautiful in pictures. I am looking forward to reading about it on your blog.

    Rosa Complicata, it does get huge here. I can't detect much fragrance, and, despite their hefty appearance, the blooms don't last long. Repeat is good, not spectacular. The spring show is amazing :).

    Jess, surely you realize it is cruel? Only 2? Well, maybe Devoniensis, and William Shakespeare 2000, whose color makes it very difficult to photograph and therefore it is not features here very often. But then I would also have to sneak in a tiny cutting of Jude the Obscure whose fragrance is heavenly, but surely a tiny cutting won't count as a whole rose?

    Alberto, nobody is perfect:) We have had a bad spring with late rains. It is not just mildew but blackspot and rust, rust, rust everywhere. Oh well, some years are like that. Lyda rose sets very cute tiny red hips which persist long into the spring if you let them. It does have a strong fragrance, spicy and musky, very unusual and hard for me to describe. It is always healthy in my climate.

    Maria, I do have a followers gadget at the bottom, but unfortunately I don't do Twitter or Facebook. Some day soon I will probably have to start a Facebook account, but not yet...

  16. Your Crn Princess Margareta is so beautiful! I'm so excited that my CPM climbers didn't have much dieback last winter, so in 6 or 8 weeks I'll have blooms on plants climbing at least 3 feet tall (pitiful, but better than last year!). Though it would take many more years and mild winters before mine would get to your size. Might not ever happen, so I'd better go back and enjoy your photo once more . . . .

  17. Your roses are gorgeous, and such splendid photos! Truly a delight to see!

  18. Oh, Masha, what a glorious selection of roses! When I'm unhappy with how my garden looks, it's because I've seen yours. Thanks for the beauty.

  19. Just fabulous, Masha. Your garden has really developed beautifully over the years. Well done!

  20. Your roses always look so happy and healthy and your photographs are superb.

  21. Maravillosas todas tus rosas, por mi jardin aún no pasó la primavera......
    me encantó tu publicación.
    Un afectuoso saludo.

  22. Beautiful, Masha! That Buff Beauty really lives up to its name. It has a nice fragrance, too, doesn't it? I am not sure I would describe it as "musky", even though it it a hybrid musk. How would you describe the scent?


  23. Vos photos sont magnifiques !!!! Vos roses sont un éblouissement !
    Moi aussi, je passerai volontiers un après-midi dans votre jardin !
    A bientôt !


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