Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Fun Trip

I was going to write an update on my new roses, but I was distracted. My youngest son got a camera for his birthday and we took him to the San Francisco zoo to try it out.

A photographer and his muse
A zoo is a place where you have to bring a camera with a lot of zoom. When you look at the animals up close you notice all sorts of details that weren't obvious to the naked eye. For example, I saw how a giraffe's hide helps him blend into the background:

or how an antelope's horns look like small tree branches:

Does he remind you of anyone you know?

Salad is good for you.

A sea of flamingo pink... I wish I could find a rose that color.

The colorful peacock feathers: a camouflage or a display of strength, who knows.

Where has Stanley Kubrick gone?

The zoo also contains a large collection of exotic plants. They are all beautiful, although the proteas, grown to perfection, are my favorite.


  1. Very nice photos, and your son appears to be following in your footsteps. Sounds like it was a fun day!

  2. Oh, yes, he does! someone! Masha, thank you for sharing your trip to the zoo!

  3. What are the flowers in the last picture called! They are lovely!

  4. Beautiful shots, Masha ! I love the light in your photographs. If you could only find a Flamingo Rose ...

  5. Masha, your sons camera works a treat Yes he does remind me of someone, I just cant remember who.

  6. I think that climbing "America" is pretty close to that flamingo color!

  7. Every time I see your photos I want a new camera! I think a flamingo colored rose would be incredible! I love the picture of the lemur. He looks like he's studying the lettuce so intently. :o)

  8. Nowy aparat syna i fotograf spisali się super. Zdjęcia są cudowne i zwierząt i kwiatów. Pozdrawiam.
    New camera and the photographer's son did a super. The pictures are wonderful and the animals and flowers. Yours.

  9. Thank you!

    Cheryl, the flowers on the last, and first, picture are proteas. They are indeed very beautiful but difficult to grow.

    Professor, I never thought about that rose, I need to look at it again :)

    I realize it is not at all clear in my post that all the pictures have been taken by me. My son is still too young for a DSLR :). His Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot turned out a very good camera too, producing in many cases pictures of a comparable quality.

  10. Beautiful pictures, Masha and proteas look so divine, thank you for sharing

  11. Bela re+portagem!
    Adorei os animais e as aves,mas as proteas são o máximo.Estas têm uma cor e uma perfeição fantásticas! Abraços.
    M. Emília

  12. Masha, you make me long for DSLR, but I think a Panasonic Lumix might be more in my budget. :) I enjoyed your unique interpretation of the zoo and burst out laughing at the Stanley Kubrick comment.

  13. Your images are gorgeous. Proteus are delightful and I think it is the national flower of South Africa. What is the ID of the second last image - it is a very unusual specimen.

  14. Thank you!

    GirlSprout, I am glad you enjoyed the Stanley Kubrik comment, I wasn't sure anyone would remember the movie :)

    Stiletto, it is a part of a large inflorescence of an echium wildrettii, a Tower of Jewels. It is another very impressive but difficult to grow specimen in their exotic plants collection.

  15. I love going to the zoo just to see the plants. And some of the animals (like the pink flamingos) are truly gorgeous creatures. I bet your son will be a great photographer. He certainly has a great teacher!


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