Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Riot of Color and Dinosaur Plants

It has been a while since my last post - the start of the school year has kept me busy- but today I hope to atone for my long silence with lots of colorful pictures.

A dahlia bloom at the Golden Gate dahlia garden

This weekend we took our kids to San Francisco for a guided tour of the Legion of Honor. San Francisco is a fairly long drive from our home, and it seemed a pity not to stop by Golden Gate Park on the way back. Since my boys absolutely refused to see any flowers on top of the duty tour of an art museum, the only place I could lure them into was a plantosaurus rex exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers. The exhibit was about vegetation at the time of dinasaurs.

You can read more about it at the link above, but the only thing I would like to mention is that for most of that era there were no plants that reproduced by flowering. The predominant color in the exhibit, which consisted mostly of ferns, cycads and even a few ginkgos, was lush tropical green.

However, in one of the main galleries I also got a peek at the orchids, many of which were in bloom.

 It was wonderful to walk among so many phalaenopsis suspended from the ceiling throughout the gallery.

This must be what being inside a fairy tale is like.

And right outside the Conservatory, there is the dahlia garden.

What an amazing riot of color!

 I am not a dahlia person myself, but I can't help admiring the wonderful blends and bursts of color, and the variety of perfectly formed flowers.

 I hope you like them too.


  1. Lovely Dahlia pics Masha, i'm not really interested growing these guys either but they are so nice to look at.

  2. I cannot get over how beautiful the dahlias are!! Just amazing detail in every petal. Spectacular for sure.

  3. Paradise of colours and forms!
    xoxo, Juliana

  4. No need to atone, but you sure did provide a feast for the eyes! I absolutely love Dahlias, but I've never grown them myself. And the dinosaur display sounds fascinating!

  5. The dahlia garden is amazing -- so many different shapes and color combinations. Your photos are gorgeous!

  6. Wow, what gorgeous photos. You know, I'm a dahlia person neither. Not one is growing in my garden but your photos showed me now that this is a mistake :o).
    Lovely! Have a great day.

  7. I would like to live all my life in a garden like this!

  8. Masha, all photos are beautiful! I love the most the cactus dalias.

  9. What a colourful dahlias, I love them, also in my garden but not too many.

  10. WOW ~ This whole post was a bit of a fairy tale. A glimpse of what paradise is like. Absolutely beautiful and fantastic.


  11. Beautiful paradise and the orchids setting just divine!

  12. Dejlige billeder af de mange smukke blomster. Sk√łnne farver.
    Tak for kigget.
    Ha´ en god dag.

  13. Wow!!!
    Very beautiful flowers and a fairy tale.

  14. I remember you posting about the dahlias in SF last year, too. They are all so breathtaking that I'm happy you posted them again!! My dahlias were a disaster. I'm officially done with dahlias and am living vicariously through your late summer posts of them. :o)

  15. Those dahlias are all so beautiful, and yet each so unique. I love the orchids, too. But I also loved the peek into the time of the dinosaurs. That green foliage looks so interesting, cool and inviting (unless, of course, there's a dinosaur hanging around waiting to eat you). I can also just imagine boys not wanting to see any more "pretty stuff"! :)

  16. This was my very first year to grow dahlias and what a delight they have been. Your photos are magnificent. Such a beautiful garden of blooms

  17. Such an explosion of colour Masha. I am not surprised that some gardeners have an obsession with growing Dahlias, the range of colours, shapes and forms are outstanding.

  18. Masha these pictures are incredible, such a profusion of vivid beautiful colours. I really need to start growing Dahlias again.


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