Sunday, November 18, 2012

Enjoying Late Season Roses

The rose season is winding down and I made the effort today to go to the Heritage Rose Garden to take some quick pictures. 

Puerto Rico, tea
We have been having some light rain.  

Jean Bach Sisley, china

I am sure the plants are enjoying it but many blooms have been ruined: balling, rain spotting, and botrytis have all reared their ugly heads again. However, I will spare you the distress and instead will show you mainly those cultivars (quite a few of them) whose blooms stood up well to the weather.

Mel's Heritage, hybrid wichurana, the rose I was most taken with on this trip. The blooms open well and never look messy. The color is pleasing and plum colored canes are an added bonus.

More Mel's Heritage. The fragrance in the moist air was unbelievable.

This is by no means an exhaustive list: I only had an hour, and there are a few thousand roses blooming. 

Lady Hillingdon, tea

Enjoy, and I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

'Bermuda's Kathleen', found rose 

Rubens, tea. In spring there are lots of rain spotted blooms on it, but not this time.

Lupe's Buttons, hybrid musk. Also rain spots easily, but I did find one good looking cluster, and with hips too.

'Legacy of Elinor Pimentel', found rose 

'Burnett Pink Tea', found rose. These blooms are not really holding up to the rain well, but I love the soft peach and pink tones.

Weisse New Dawn, large-flowered climber

Mme Berkeley, a tea. This one is in my garden.

Mistress Bosanquet, bourbon or china

Rita Sammons, polyantha, looking almost like a cherry tree in blossom

'Old Korbel Gold', found rose, pernetiana. This one is in my garden too, and showing unusually bright color.


  1. Such beauty you are showing. Overhere my roses are without foliage and your roses looks like it is springtime. Wonderful photo's Macha.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. dripping pinkperfection...if only I can smell~

  3. A few thousand Roses blooming! That sounds like pure joy! Sigh. I have to plant more Roses... Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Masha, thank you for sharing! We are almost in winter, although the temp are up 0 C. My roses have been covered but I've found a new one on your post for my garden. I loved the 'Lupe's Buttons' is for zone 2-10, so I won't cover it for wintering.

  5. Thank you for sharing all these beauties !
    Your photos are incredibly beautiful !

  6. Sua coleção de Rosas é um show.
    Mas as imagens, as fotos arrasou, perfeitas, maravilhosas.

  7. Perfect roses !!! Thank you, Masha !!!

  8. What a perfect photos of these beautiful roses. Especially the ones with waterdrops are gorgeous.

  9. Hi Masha, thanks for showing the roses from the SJHR at this time of the year! They are a joy to look at! As you I am especially taken by 'Mel's Heritage', but I also like 'Puerto Rico', 'Rubens', 'Legacy of Elinor Pimentel' and 'Weisse New Dawn' quite a bit. Guess I am into the light colored roses right now ;-)! Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving as well!

  10. Piękne róże jeszcze masz w ogrodzie i cudowne im zdjęcia zrobiłaś. Ślicznie wyglądają niektóre w kroplach wody. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
    Beautiful roses still have in the garden and the wonderful photos of them did. Some look pretty in drops of water. Yours sincerely.

  11. Para mi dos desconocidas,;Mme Berkeley y Old Korbel gold, parecen tener una gran belleza¿Son perfumadas? Si tienen. Perfume serán perfectas.
    Gracias por compartir tanta belleza.
    Un afectuoso saludo

  12. Thank you!

    Maruxa, Mme. Berkeley has only a light perfume to my nose, but 'Old Korbel Gold' has a very strong tea fragrance. I wish I could photograph it:).

  13. WOW!!! Love the beautiful photos. Great photography!

  14. The flowers are just beautiful, and I'm sure they appreciate the rain. Love the dark stems! Right now, I am in love with purple stems. Wish I could smell these beauties!

  15. Nothing else can touch my heart as rose does.. Out of all the exotic flowers and fresh flowers I have seen, roses are my favorites.. And that is why I always keep on exploring online florists to buy exotic flowers online, specially Roses..! Thanks for sharing this lovely post..

  16. A breath of fresh air it is every time I visit your beautiful blog. Great photos!

  17. A more beautiful than the other! I would not know which one to choose!
    is always a great pleasure to go to your blog!
    Have a good Sunday Masha!

  18. You never let us down Masha, I like these orange/gold roses, Old Korbel Gold is a beauty.

  19. Beautiful...Great photos!
    przepieknie, magnifique!!!!

  20. Speechless beauty!!! beyond words. Magnificent beauty of these fresh flowers sometimes captivate me.


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