Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

Despite a dry winter and a cold spring, it has been a good year for the garden.


The roses have done very well.

Maréchal Niel

I have added more perennials...

Campanula primulifolia

...and potted lavenders:

I have worked hard to improve my photography skills.

Insects and wildlife proved especially challenging :)

We went on a few trips, and even though we stayed close to home, there was a lot to see: an amazing plant collection of the Berkeley Botanical Garden....

...wildflowers in Santa Teresa Hills... 

...the lovingly tended gardens at Carmel Mission....

....and the colorful collection of dahlias at San Franicsco's Golden Gate Park.

I found time for a few visits to the Heritage Garden in San Jose to admire their wonderful collection of roses.

Général Schablikine

I always enjoy this garden and am grateful to the people who maintain it. There are many more roses there than I could ever hope to grow, and they are beautiful any time of the year. 

Hips on 'Sappho'

Other than gardening, this year has been very mixed for us. I am not at all sad to see it go, and am looking forward to the coming spring and new beginnings. 


  1. Beautiful! So glad I stopped by!

  2. Ah….Just beautiful, Thank you. Happy New Year !

  3. To był dobry rok dla Ciebie i dla Twojego ogrodu. Widać to na pięknych zdjęciach. Oby ten, który się zaczął, był jeszcze lepszy. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    It was a good year for you and your garden. You can see it on the beautiful pictures. Let the one who started, was even better. Regards warm.

  4. Your photos are always incredible! And I loved seeing all those bright blooms on a dreary winter day. I have heard several people mention that 2012 was a difficult year. I hope 2013 will be a wonderful year both for you and your garden.

  5. Beautiful. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  6. Gorgeous review! I wish you the very best in 2013, and may your garden prosper!

  7. "I have worked hard to improve my photography skills"
    You succeeded!! Beautiful photos for sure.
    Happy New Year :-)

  8. Gorgeous photos, as usual. I hope your 2013 is as beautiful as your garden.

  9. oh sigh these photos are dreamy!!

  10. Absolutly Fabulous ♥ thanks for your beautiful photos !!! It always a pleasure to read your blog ! Happy New Year Masha !

  11. Really gorgeous pictures. Like to see those sunny flower pictures in our wet, muddy, grey winter.

  12. Dear Masha, I can imagine that you have worked hard on improving your photography skills. Your pictures are just outstanding and a joy to look at. Sorry to hear that 2012 was a mixed bag for you personally. I am wishing you that 2013 will be much better, with plenty of time to enjoy your lovely garden!

  13. Dear Masha: Your blog always leaves me in a very peaceful state of mind. Your photography skills have always seemed exceptional to me. I hope that 2013 is a better year personally for you. All the best to you and your family!

  14. Dear Masha, I wish you a very happy New Year! May it be a year full of blooms!
    (I still have to recover my breath after seeing that Marechal Niel... wow)

  15. Masha, as always your photos are stunning! I'm glad you look forward for spring and I try to do the same, although spring here doesn't hurry. All the best in New Year!

  16. I really love your photos. They are so power- and colorful... just great! I love the Penelope rose too, but in my garden she's not as full of flowers as it is in yours! I guess it's the different climate and soil. You're a lucky one :o).
    Have a wonderful 2013!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  17. Cudowne zdjecia, cudowny ogrod, fantastyczny!
    Wonderful pictures...
    Wonderful garden...
    Happy New Year

  18. je recherche un rosier "sunny june" est-ce que tu le connais ? pour moi c'est le plus beau rosier jaune, malheureusement on ne le trouve pas en Europe. Tes photos sont superbes.

  19. Your photo skills are outstanding. It is always a joy to visit your blog and see the incredible photographs. Thanks for a year of inspiration.

  20. Breathtaking! I am always in awe of your photo's and roses. My 2012 was a mixed year as well...wishing you health and happiness for 2013.

  21. Que du beau et du très beau ! Le papillon : c'était à Santa Maria Hills, je suppose ? Vous oontinuez à nous régaler, quel plaisir !
    Je vous souhaite de tout coeur le meilleur pour vous et votre famille en cette nouvelle année !


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