Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Cold Here

We haven't quite broken records recently, but we've come close.

The last bloom on Angel Face was frozen solid and never opened

Overnight lows here hit 29F (-2C), unusual for our mild winters. Commercial citrus growers are operating wind machines (giant windmills basically) to blow warmer air into their trees, watering heavily and gloomily predicting fewer and more expensive fruit.

Even birds are cold

My garden has taken a hit too. Most of my pelargoniums have severe dieback (but I hope may still come back).

Nothing kills feverfew :)

A tibouchina urvelliana I have been nursing along looks dead as a doornail despite being covered with a thermal blanket. My lemon and lime trees are dropping leaves (it is still too soon to say how severe the damage is).

California poppies looked briefly unhappy but seemed to have come back

 The sun seems to barely warm up the air. 

Oh well. Looking on the bright side, my shrimp plant (justicia brandegeeana), growing in a protected spot, is unaffected so far....

....and my camellias are cheerfully blooming on.

But the rose season is definitely over :(.

Still dreaming of spring...


  1. I'm sorry some of your plants have been affected by the cold. I hope there wasn't too much damage. We're having super warm temps here; the odd warm day isn't so unusual but this almost feels strange.

    Gorgeous pictures!!

  2. Hello, seems like you have got the same cold snap as we have had for a few days here in London. No snow yet here, but minus 2-3 during the night. My roses are still flowering, they just stop up for a while when it is as cold as this and then continue when the temperature goes up a bit :-)
    Loved your camellia, mine is a spring flowering so haven't started yet.

  3. Nie lubię zimy. Utrudnia życie ludziom i potrafi zniszczyć rośliny. Smutno patrzeć, że niektóre ucierpiały. Dobrze, że nie stało się to wszystkim. Pozdrawiam.
    I do not like winter. Makes life difficult for people, and can destroy the plant. I see that some have suffered. Well, that did not happen to everyone. Yours.

  4. The last picture of the rose is just gorgeous!
    Two weeks ago my winterflowering shrubs had ample flowers, now everything has gone, it is -6 degr.C., very cold and snow today.Brrrr.

  5. Hi Masha
    It may be cold, but... it gives you wonderful photos :o). I love the way you catch in the light in your pictures.
    Have a lovely day

  6. Hi Masha,

    I wouldn't worry about significant damage to grown-up citrus as long as their grown in the ground and the temp doesn't stay at or below -4C for any significant period. Lime is slightly more cold sensitive than lemon is. This is my experience from growing citrus (and roses) in my garden near Athens, Greece. BTW Do you grow any old teas? I would like to know how they manage in these temps, since I plan to plant a few next year.

  7. Pretty frost photos, Masha, and the cute black capped.

  8. Thank you!

    Nikos, I grow several teas and tea-noisettes, including some very tender ones and they are not at all bothered by these temps. My tenderest one, Marechal Niel, still has clean green leaves all over. As you say about citrus, overnight brief freezes are no big deal. Enjoy your roses!

  9. Masha, I'm so sorry your garden was frozen. But camellias seem to be very hardy! I hope this cold won't be long time.

  10. Oh Masha, these photos are just outstanding! Sooo... beautiful! I hope the plants that are showing some frost damage in your garden right now recover and have a great come back as soon as the temperatures are warming up. I love your creamy white camellia! Do you know that name of the variety?

  11. Thank you, Nadezhda and Christina.

    Christina, almost all camellias were planted by the previous owners of our house, so no, unfortunately I don't know its name. It is my favorite camellia too, I like the fluffy blooms more than the extremely geometric ones :).

  12. Masha, who is the single rose, second picture from the bottom?

  13. I know your plants are geared toward a milder winter, so when it gets colder out there they suffer. Of course, many wouldn't survive at all here in the northern Midwest. I'm amazed that any plants do survive here. That's why I'm so fascinated by perennials. Your photos of the frost on the blooms are stunning, as always! And the Camellias...sigh...

  14. Beautiful photos!
    Even the frost on the leaves is pretty! (though I know it is damaging)
    Lea's Menagerie

  15. Thank you!

    Professor, that's a freeze-dried Imposter bloom :). You don't get any of the blue tones on normal blooms.

  16. Even your frosty plants look pretty! We have had several nights with temps in the upper 20's. I covered my citrus so I think they will be fine. I bet you will have plenty of survivors in your garden. Plants always amaze me with their resiliency!

  17. Such beautiful photos. In the last two weeks, we have had high wind, temps in the 20's, a day of snow and temps in the 60's! A roller coaster ride to be sure.... Our roses are now officially confused....

  18. Not a single bit of damage here, and now several days at 80F.

    No matter how your garden might look, your photos are always gorgeous.


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