Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Quick Update

Is it spring yet? I can't wait. My earliest fruit trees are beginning to bloom....

...and the rest are in bud.

I have had a mild case of winter blues and a severe cold :(. Fortunately, while I was lying on the couch, someone else was working in the garden:

My roses are just waking up with tender new shoots everywhere. Aphids are happy for now...

...until my yard helpers spot them.

 I might not have roses now, but camellias are in full bloom.

In my garden, camellia season lasts from November till March.

Most of this time I diligently pick up fallen flowers. It is supposed to prevent the spread of petal blight to next year's blooms. I don't know if it works or not, but in any case I sure don't like looking at a carpet of rotting camellia flowers...

In a sunny part of the garden, germander has been blooming steadily....

...with a daisy or two inside.

Rosemary is in full bloom too, and there are a few bees around.

Still, I wish the roses were blooming...

Elie Beauvilain last year


  1. Your pictures are so lovely! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope you feel better soon. I am glad you have some little garden helpers!

  3. Your camellias are so beautiful! Spring is just around the corner and we will have our roses!

  4. Lovely pictures, loved the camellias! Autumn flowering camellias are not common here in London, most people have the spring flowering type, and so have I - have to wait another month or so for mine to flower. The aphids have arrived here too, it doesn't take more than a few days of warmth and they are everywhere. I too can't wait for the roses, but I have just pruned all of mine, so it will be 6-8 weeks before I have any roses.

  5. Your photos are really breathtaking. When I see this I am outside again to see if my Camellias show already a tiny bit of colour: No, not yet.

  6. Gorgeous ! Hope you are feeling better now, Masha ! Those camellias are sooo beautiful ...

  7. Wat een prachtige foto`s van je rozen en camalia`s. Dit is genieten hoor.Thank you .

  8. It won't be too much longer, Masha! And I do love camellias - second best to rose blooms! Your photos impart such a romantic feel to them. Lovely!

  9. I hope you're feeling better soon! Your roses might not be blooming but you have so much green! Those camellias are gorgeous! :o)

  10. I covet your Camellias! Sorry to be so blunt, but I can't really grow them here--although I might try a Camellia in a pot and bring it onto the porch during the winter. Sigh... Your Roses will be in full bloom again before you know it. Take care, and I hope you feel much better soon!

  11. Hermosas fotos, y hermosa debe ser tu tierra.
    Un saludo.

  12. Masha, winter blues!! All I can say is -- do I know the way to San Jose - well, no but maybe if I put a hundred down.

  13. Beautiful to see spring arrived in your garden.
    Have a wonderful day Masha.

  14. Your camellias are beautiful. My camellias are in full bloom too! Your photos just chased away my winter blues...

  15. Masha, what a wonderful climate you live! It's pleasure to see spring in your garden. I'd like to grow camellia in mine, but it isn't too hardy. I'm waiting for snowdrops here the next month :((
    Have a nice week!

  16. Hi there
    I hope you feel better by now. But when I look at your lovely photos, girl, how can you get winter blues???? You should see my garden... full of snow *iiiiek*. Not even a snowdrop as fas as I can look. I really do envy you for your beautiful camelias. It's much to cold in my garden to have them and in the house I haven't got the right space. So I stay hungry for color and green unless I have a look in your wonderful blog. :o)
    Have a lovely day

  17. Are some of those camellia "pink snow"? I just bought a ton of pink snow camellias and the flowers look like those I think except smaller...was curious.

  18. Oh c`est tres Jolie Masha !! J`adore c`est MAGNIFIQUES fleures!!

    Et votre blog aussi !! Et maintenant je suis votre nouveau membre ! Et j`espère que vous allez aimer mon blog aussi !

    Bonne semaine!

    xxx Masha xxx

  19. Thank you!

    Janie, I have no idea - all these camellias came to me with the house when we bought it. I hope your camellias grow and bloom well for you.

  20. I hope you are feeling better. Winter seems to induce melancholy even in sunny California. The camellias are beautiful and make up for a lack of roses a wee bit, don't you think? Such gorgeous photos, as usual.


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