Sunday, April 7, 2013

Old Friends

It is always a pleasure to see roses after a long winter's absence, even if only briefly with two hungry kids tugging at my sleeve. I hope you will see some old friends among these too and enjoy this short tour of the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden. There, the spring flush has started already, and at my garden it is mere days away.


Lady Penzance

Jaune Desprez (I think)

Souvenir d'un Ami

Bon Silène

'Grandmother's Hat'


Bengale Animée

Joyce's Raspberry Bourbon


Bijou de Royat-les-Bains 
Rosa laevigata

Catherine II

Maman Cochet, climbing

Souvenir de Gilbert Nabonnand (probably Clementina Carbonieri)

Empereur du Maroc

Rose de Puteaux

Claus Groth

'La Nymphe'


Général Schablikine

Mary, Queen of Scots

York and Lancaster


  1. Oh, yes, I very much enjoyed your Rose show, Masha! I was so happy to see many Roses down in Florida, too, when I was there recently. We won't have Roses blooming in Wisconsin until June. Thanks for taking us along to the San Jose Rose Garden.

  2. I enjoy,lovely pictures and funny "Grandmother's Hat :)

  3. Thanks for this loveley 'spring tour"
    here in Holland ...... the spring is gonna come :)4 weeks later than normal...pppffff

  4. A lovely parade ! Thank you, Masha !

  5. Thank you for the tour in San Jose Rose Garden. Some of the roses I know but many of them were new to me. I enjoyed them. In The Netherlands we have to wait till June for our roses start to flower, a long wait.

  6. Oh, my gosh! I loved seeing these beautiful photos! I didn't realize the roses were already blooming there. Makes me hope my roses open soon. Unfortunately, we got a late freeze, and there was some damage. :( I know you're anxious to see your roses blooming, too. They are all so pretty - but I do especially love the color of Souvenir de Gilbert Nabonnand.

  7. You guys down south are lucky :-) my roses are just leafing out. All of those roses are stunning!

  8. I'm in love with, and now searching for, Lady Penzance. Thank you!

  9. Masha, interesting tour to San Jose Rose gardens, thank you!
    The rose Empereur du Maroc is awesome, wonderful color and shape.
    I can't wait when my rose appear from the snow.

    Have a nice week!

  10. Fantastic lighting in your photos. All the roses are so lovely... I can't pick a favorite. I love all the old doubles, plus the simplicity of 'Anemone'. I can almost smell them! thanks

  11. Thanks so much for shortening the time with waiting for my own roses! Still another 2 - 3 month till the first flower will appear, I guess.
    Wonderful photos of stunning roses you showed here. I could give them all a home, if only my garden were big enough :o).
    Have a lovely week... and I hope the kids finally got something to eat *LoL*

  12. Que linda seleção de rosas! Amei demais! Elas parecem sorrirem praa mim!!!

  13. Wszystkie róże są piękne i mają cudowne kolory . Zazdroszczę, że juz je wąchasz :). U nas jeszcze długo nie będą kwitły, bo jeszcze trochę śniegu jest w ogrodzie. Pozdrawiam.
    All roses are beautiful and have wonderful colors. I envy that you smell it already :). You will not have long thrived, because a little snow in the garden. Yours.

  14. What glorious roses! That must be a truly beautiful garden to visit.

  15. I enjoyed your lovely Pictures. Souvenir de Gilbert Nabonnand is lovely as I'm looking for a rose that color for my garden. No luck yet but it will go on my wish list!


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