Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Roses

I made a quick trip to the Heritage Rose Garden today.

 I have been very anxious to get there in time to catch their once-blooming roses, most of which I can't see anywhere else.

Mechtilde von Neuerburg (hybrid rubiginosa)

 I came today to find a lot of them crisped by our recent heat, but so many were in bloom that I still ended up with upwards of 300 pictures :)

Petite Lisette (alba)
 As expected with once-bloomers, most pictures show roses in all shades of pink, with a white and purple one here and there.

Charles de Mills (gallica)

 With a telephoto lens, there was no chance of bush shots (because of my lens's narrow angle of view, I would have to stand very far away, and other roses would be in the way), but I have tried to include foliage and buds whenever I could.

Aennchen von Tharau (alba)

I hope you can see some old friends and new faces too. Enjoy!

Agathe Fatime (gallica)

Crested Moss

'Old Yellow Scotch' (hybrid spnosissima)
Duc de Cazes (hybrid perpetual)

Mme Hardy (damask)

Rosa Glauca (species)

Princesse de Lamballe (alba)

Rose de la Maître-École (gallica)

Alba Semi-plena ?

Scharlachglut (gallica)

Rosa clinophylla (species)

Morning Blush (alba)

Orpheline de Juillet (gallica) ?

Rosa Mundi (gallica)

Petite de Hollande (centifolia)

Henri Martin (moss)
Paul Noel (hybird wichurana)
Sitka (hybrid rugosa)


  1. Really enjoyed the photos. Love roses ! Ours are just now coming into full leaf in the uk, so lovely to see photos of the promise to come. I have a new hedge of Gallica 'Charles de Mills, planted this season from bare root, so can't wait to see that in bloom later in the season.

  2. Masha, wonderful pictures!
    I love some once-blooming roses, and this rose 'Mme Hardy' (damask) is very similar to mine 'Blanc double de Courbet'.
    I hope you purchased the very nice roses!

  3. Wow, you have no idea how lucky you are to have a garden like that nearby. Here, we don't have anything like that at all.

    Thanks so much for sharing the photos. I especially liked being able to see Petite Lisette because I have a recently-planted PL that I've never seen bloom yet. A fellow blogger from Germany (aka "Santa Klaus") sent it to me, but I had no idea what it looked like, until now!

  4. What beautiful roses, no wonder I love them so much, and can't get enough of seeing them. Thank you.


  5. Hi Masha, that rose garden must be breath taking, right? You showed us some beautiful pics, as ever, where I met some roses I have, some I didn't know, some that are on my wish list and some other that will be soon on it too! :-)

  6. That first wide-shot photo is mind-blowingly exquisite, Masha. Thanks so much for sharing this garden with us.

  7. I'm glad you were able to make it to the Garden. So many beautiful roses!! All of the close ups and the first garden shot are wonderful.

  8. PS You asked about the native azaleas -- they are deciduous, and even have a little bit of fall color.

    You also asked if I had a camera lens long enough to take bird photos -- I do, but just! It's the longest one I could have without needing a tripod I think, a 55-300. I haven't taken any bird photos in a while but should, because the lens works well if I can get within 50 feet.

  9. Some old friends there for me. I grow a number of them, but never as beautiful as in your pictures!

  10. Oh gosh, Morning Blush is my favorite! I'm not surprised at all that you snapped that many photos. I have a tendency to do that, too, especially when I'm near Roses because they're so photogenic! Lovely shots, Masha!

  11. Ohhh, I saw some good old friends from my garden too :o). Lovely photos and why is my garden so small that I can't have every rose *sniff*... that's just not fair.
    Have a lovely day!

  12. So beautiful!!!!!! Once flowering roses are my favourites by far, they look much more natural than the others and their scent is lovely.
    The only disadvantage is that they are flowering too short. Some of the roses on your pictures I had never heard of before but there were also a number of them I have in my garden. I am looking forward to June when they are flowering here.

  13. I am so glad to come across your pictures, thank you so much for posting them. I use to go to the heritage rose garden all the time but moved away. Since then I have ordered many of the old roses from vintage roses and also from rogue valley roses, but I have to order them as just propagated the prior season and have to wait for them to mature. This year I have tons of buds and can't wait for them all to open. Sad thing that Vintage roses is closing this year, which really limits getting the old and hard to find roses. If you know of another source I would love to know.

  14. What a gorgeous selection of roses. I don't think I could choose a favourite out of all of those, although that Paul Noel variety is lovely.


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