Saturday, July 20, 2013

July Roses

I can't seem to keep up with regular blog posts anymore: the latest in an endless stream of things to attend to has been an ever spottier Internet connection, which turned out to be due to some rodents developing a peculiar taste for eating copper :). A technician has come and gone, and the connection is back, hopefully for more than a few minutes at a time this time.


My roses are finishing their summer flush.


 The best time to enjoy them is late in the morning when they seem to be the most fragrant and not yet tired and crisp from the heat.


Many of my warm colored Pernetiana roses have given me some really nice flowers this summer.

Duquesa de Peñaranda

'Lundy's Lane Yellow' has finally begun to show the variations of color that one expects from this group of roses.

 It is not so bright as some roses in this class, but in typical pernetiana fashion it leaves me guessing till the last moment as to what particular colors each bloom will display.

Unlike some roses whose colors fade in the intense sunlight, most of my Pernetianas seem to enjoy summer.

Étoile de Feu

The blooms do not seem any smaller, and the flame colors remain as vibrant as they are in the spring.

Condesa de Sástago

Cynthia Brooke

Below are some of the more delicately colored roses that have been blooming well too.


Basye's Purple

September Morn

All my oreganos are in bloom, and, together with lavenders, they are a favorite with bees.

Hopley's Purple

It often seems that all bees from my neigbors' beehives are in my garden working hard.

Showy Pink

I can't wait to get some oregano-flavored honey! :)

Kent's Beauty

Culinary oregano


  1. Hi Masha, your roses look superb despite the heat! I especially like 'Surville' and 'Discovery'. I am unfamiliar with both and have to look them up on HMF. It is nice to see "unknown to me"-roses blooming in your garden. I am happy to say that I also have a lot of bees this year in my front yard. Here they go crazy over the salvias and the catmint! Wishing you many more lovely summer rose blooms!

  2. Oh, I really like the 'Condesa' Rose! All of them are great, though, and you do such a nice job of highlighting them. Do you ever have tours in your garden? I bet the community would love to see it!

  3. It's always a pleasure to see a blogpost made by you. Have a wonderful day Masha.

  4. Prachtig!!!!! Wat heb je een mooie verzameling rozen.....
    Fijne zondag

  5. You always have such beautiful roses to share with us.

    Thank you. I think oregano flavored honey sounds delicious.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Masha, your roses are stunning as always though the summer is hot and sunlight is intense. I love the color of Duquesa de Peñaranda and Cynthia Brooke. I have no such bright colors.
    Have a nice new week!

  7. My goodness how beautiful they still are. Mine, except for Iceberg, have all gone. Great photos, as usual.

  8. The thing I am most envious of (aside from the photography) is September Morn. What a magnificent rose.

  9. Lovely to see your unusual roses which are looking superb. Is Discovery an English rose ? It looks like a David Austin. Does it fare well in your climate ?

  10. Thank you!

    Beth, I don't. Some parts of my garden (which you never see pictures of) still need a lot of work :).

  11. Jane, thank you. It was bred here in Oregon by Heirloom roses, but some people (including me) think Austins were widely used in the breeding program. John Clements (the hybridizer) never actually disclosed parentage of his roses, but then neither does David Austin :).

  12. Masha, I think I'm now a Colette fan. I think she'd grow as a shrub in my climate, though, not a climber.

  13. Professor, she is barely a climber even in mine :)

  14. Twoje piękne róże zawsze są godne podziwu. Cudowne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
    Your beautiful roses are always admirable. Wonderful pictures. Yours.

  15. Wonderful... my roses have just made a break from blooming, so your photos are very welcomed :o). Next time please, just send the fragrance with them :o)...I miss it so much.
    It's hot here too in Switzerland and I really hope for rain soon.
    Have a lovely day

  16. My roses are a total wreck this year because of all the black spot that flourished in our cool, wet early spring/summer. I wish I could have a little bit of CA in my garden just for my roses. There's always next year... Gorgeous photos!

  17. Masha, I discovered your rose Basye's Purple, what a beauty. All your picutres are stunning again, I like the Kent's Beauty. Glad your internet connection is back. You have so many interesting roses.


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