Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Rose House on the Corner

Our house has acquired a name.

Pat Austin

It's been mentioned to me by a number of different people over the years, such as:

A perennial embrace between Sharifa Asma and Ebb Tide

a lady jogger who stopped by and inquired about a cutting of my white seedling of Purple Pavement (I said I would be glad to dig out a sucker or three, it is marching through my yard)...,

White seedling of Purple Pavement

...many neighbors pausing for a sniff on their daily walks...,

Gloire des Rosomanes/ Ragged Robin

...a complete stranger who wanted to save money by cutting all my roses for a wedding one spring (I said no, sorry)...,

Schön Inbeborg

...a few drivers stopping by the curb and asking the names of this or that rose (one got very intrigued by a rugosa's unusual foliage and on my telling him that it was indeed a rose, cast a jaded glance at my garden and said I obviously don't know what I am talking about)...,

...and, most recently, by a newly arrived lady driving uncertainly through the neighborhood looking for a turn to our local school and stopping to tell me that her twelve-year old daughter said that everybody knows you have to turn by the rose house on the corner.

Duquesa de Peñaranda

It is not an original, or a particularly elegant name. Perhaps there are many other places called "the Rose House", but I am still grateful. I am glad that my little garden has become a local landmark of sorts, and that I am not the only one enjoying the beauty roses have to offer.


Here are some, blooming now at the Rose House on the Corner.

Roseraie de l'Haÿ

Cynthia Brooke

September Morn

Mme Bérard on the arbor, Colette on the fence, and Imagine underneath

Maréchal Niel

Zéphirine Drouhin


'Tina Marie'

Break o'Day
Isabella Sprunt

'Benny Lopez'

Chandos Beauty

Lady Hillingdon

'Secret Garden Musk Climber'

Julia Child, Wild Blue Yonder and Hermann Lindecke

'Hoag House Cream'

Carding Mill

Buff Beauty and 'Secret Garden Musk Climber' growing through a Chinese Tallow

Dame Edith Helen

Roses blooming at the Rose House


  1. Wow what a beauty you are sharing Masha. I can imagine people stop at your house.
    Have a wonderful Easter Masha.

  2. Dear Masha, "Rose House on the Corner"... I think your house is so aptly named by that girl, I really love it!
    Your roses are out of this world this spring. My favorite one in your post is 'Hoag House Cream', what a beauty! I am really disappointed that I lost this rose as a band. I may have to try it again!
    'Chandos Beauty' looks stunning. My 'Chandos Beauty' is taking off like gangbusters and has no disease whatsoever so far, but doesn't bloom that well, yet. I think it is probably just a matter of time, though, until flower will occur more frequently and it seems to be a very good rose for my climate. May I ask what is your experience with it so far? Happy Easter!

  3. Your roses are stunning! I'm hoping to grow a few in my little garden, I'm trying to create a potager. That's awesome someone wanted to use your roses for a wedding. I'm sure your garden is filled with the beautiful fragrance of roses. By the way I have a new URL and my blog has changed from to Please update your reading list and sidebar. Stop by when you have a chance. Have a great week! :)

  4. I can't believe what i see: it's a dream, a roses dream!
    Colette,, zephirine drouhin, sharifa asma!
    I've had a wonderful gift for easter: the first rose of the year!

  5. Hi Masha, your roses are already wonderful blooming. We have to wait another month before the explosion of the roses starts. Such fun when passers by stop to admire your roses and sniff on it. It's the same here in summer I like it but not when they are cutting roses, there are always some strange people in this beautiful world.
    You have so many beauties, I think I put another one or two on my wishlist Crepuscule and Colette.

  6. Oh my gosh! Are you sure you don't live in heaven? I think the kids have it just right 'The Rose House on the corner'.

    I am almost speechless at all of that beauty. I can only imagine all of the scents wafting in the air.

    Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

  7. An apt name, too! How beautiful the roses are in full swing now! The 'White Pavement' seedling sounds interesting; a shorter, neater, 'Sir Thomas Lipton' would be useful!

  8. Oh, Masha! A very fitting name - and I love it! Your roses are just amazing. If I lived close enough, I would have to stop by every day, too, just to smell the roses. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  9. Thank you, and I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

    Christina, Chandos Beauty is a real winner, the blooms are huge, fluffy and fragrant. No thrip damage either, and no foliar disease. Probably the best own-root HT I have. I am sorry about HHC, it is not vigorous for me either, but maybe you can try it again...

  10. Wowzer! What glorious roses ! I don't think there is a more beautiful flower on the planet! What an apt name for your house, and well deserved. To be a local landmark is something to be proud of ! Mine, here in the uk are in vigorous growth now and the first beds are beginning to form, but it will be a few weeks before the first bloom, which I guess will be Viechenbleu. Can't wait for my old roses and English roses to bloom ! Thanks for the photos of yours in all their glory!

  11. Gorgeous roses Masha and beautiful photos. I wish I could be there to walk past your house and I am so sure many people enjoy your roses despite the name and the weird people. I think it's a great compliment to your gardening skills to be known as the Rose House. Happy Easter Monday.

  12. Of course you are the rose house on the corner! :) You have so many beautiful roses. I LOVE that combination of Sharifa Asma and Ebb Tide. And the waterfall of roses in your last picture. It's just breathtaking.

    Such beautiful light in your pictures of Carding Mill and Schon Ingeborg! I love the variety of colors and textures that you have in your rose collection.

  13. Exquisite House is more like it!

  14. At least "The Rose House" is such a complementary name, and especially well deserved! Congratulations on your hard work. I can just imagine the name my house gets ("The Crazy American Lady's House" or something similar, I'm sure).

    My favorite rose photos are Carding Mill and Buff Beauty. ¡Magníficos!

  15. Thank you!

    Lady of LaMancha, LOL! I am sure when people see me early in the morning in my bath robe, with messy hair and a big expensive lens taking rose pictures, they call me crazy lady, too.

  16. Oh my, yes, I do believe that if I lived anywhere near to you I would make regular visits to the Rose House on the Corner! What a wonderful legacy you have started. I've probably said this before, but Chandos Beauty makes me swoon!

  17. Masha, lovely roses the most I liked is Chandos Beauty, it's so sweet!
    I think the name of your house is a compliment to you and your family. It's hard work to maintain such beautiful garden. What strange people: to cut your roses for wedding, br br br.
    Have a nice week!

  18. It's so nice when people that just pass by take a moment to admire the garden... you have so many roses and so beautiful that I can't choose a favorite. The contrast between Sharifa Asma and Ebb Tide is just lovely. I've purchased Ebb tide this spring as well. I just hope it will be as nice and rich as yours in a few years. Congratulations on the superb garden!

  19. That is the most beautiful Zephirine that I have ever seen. I've always thought of ZD as having a sort of unstructured random petal arrangement, but yours is gorgeous!

  20. Rose Paradise would be a better name! The pictures look too good to be true! Would be great if you could do a post to share tips on growing roses.

  21. Masha, I joined your blog recently enough after being a follower about a year. You have become a great inspirer for me to start my new garden. The Rose House is authentic name for your beautiful creature, I think. Thank you!

  22. Your's is definitely a "Honey Stop the Car" house, as they say in the real estate ads! (Or perhaps like in Carmel where they say the houses are known by their names, not by house numbers, or so they say.) At any rate, you have created an absolutely beautiful garden, and you deserve every bit of praise for your accomplishments! I think you should be known as the "Rose Queen!"

  23. Enhorabuena, maravillosas rosas y maravillosas fotos, un saludo.

  24. About halfway through this, I was thinking . . . Who IS this? She has "Benny Lopez," and "Secret Garden Musk Climber," and 'Tina Marie,' for Heaven's sake! So, when I realized it was sweet Masha . . . I thought: "OF COURSE!"

    Jeri Jennings, SoCal

  25. How I wish I lived near the beautiful 'Rose House', Masha. What a joy to behold! P. x


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