Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Glimpse of San Francisco Winter

We live about an hour's drive from the Fog City and while the kids get taken to the Zoo occasionally, we rarely make it downtown. This year, some family members who came on a short visit from a place where it actually snows, forced the issue, and off we went.

Here is the Christmas tree in Union Square. There is a small ice rink behind it, and it was fun (and unreal) to watch kids in T-shirts skating among palm trees and brugmansias.

This is the other side of the square with the St. Francis Hotel in the background. I couldn't help photographing it because in front are the hugest tibouchina urvelliana (Princess Flower) I have seen in a long while. They are well-pruned and amazingly healthy. Such profusion of blooms.

Here is a row of brugmansias flanking the square on each side. I think this is one of the most photogenic examples of public landscaping I have seen. Again, they are really well-cared for, and you can actually sit under them too.

Some tour buses and the back end of a cable car.

A cup of coffee under a tibouchina... Maybe next time.

A glassware display at the entrance to Chinatown.

 The intersection of Kearny and Market with streetcars running along Market.

A sunny Christmas...

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