Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hakone Gardens in Winter

According to its website, Hakone Gardens is "the oldest Japanese estate garden in the Western Hemisphere". The garden was established in 1915.

"It is an authentic replica of Japanese Samurai or Shogun's estate garden, designed by one of descendents of the imperial gardening family members. "

We went there recently to look at their camellia collection which turned out to be mostly not in bloom.

 Still, there was much to see.

I remember reading that the garden covers 18 acres, but the main area seems much smaller.

Here is the koi pond.

I love the subtle and unfussy shape and texture variations.

It was heart-warming to see those little daisies bravely blooming in the winter gloom.

I especially admire their carefully pruned trees whose shapes we could finally clearly see. One day, when I have more time, I will gratefully attend their tree pruning classes.

The Bamboo Garden is my kids' favorite place.

It is their "enchanted forest".

I like the peacefulness and quiet of the garden, and am happy that such a wonderful place is so close.

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