Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ode to Elie

Every spring I am possessed of an irresistible urge to sing praises to Elie Beauvilain, a French-bred tea-noisette dating back to 1887.

  It is my largest climbing rose, and when it blooms it is, for me, a wonderful sight.

I love the dainty flowers which vary in color from peachy to cool blush pink.

In my garden, it mildews a bit some years (not this year because the spring has been mostly dry and warm).

Rebloom is nothing spectacular (I get a few scattered flowers in the fall), but this rose really makes up for it  with a generous spring show.

My only real complaint is that the blooms do not have much fragrance, but their elegance and beauty are enough for me to admire.

It grows on both sides of the fence and some canes face south and some full north. It blooms just as willingly in the shade as it does in full sun.

In winter, I cut off any canes that do not grow parallel with the fence, and tie in the rest as horizontally as I can to maximize bloom production.

My own-root plant is very vigorous and now extends about 30 feet.

Elie could easily become larger but I really cannot allow it to hog any more space. But hard as I try to keep the old girl at home, I can't prevent her from jumping the fence to see the world. :)


  1. To jest olbrzym krzewu róży i do tego piękne ma kwiaty i cudownie na ogrodzeniu wygląda. Pozdrawiam.
    This is a giant rose bush and the flowers are beautiful and looks wonderful on the fence. Yours.

  2. Amazing!! Lovely! Now i'm jealous... :)

  3. She's a beauty !!! I don't know wich photo I like the best, all of them are gorgeous, Masha.

  4. Oh my that rose is just fabulous! I can see why you love it so... it seems to be quite pleased with your gardening skills too!

  5. Hi Masha, your 'Elie Beauvilain' is really absolutely breathtaking! I am so glad that you wrote an "ode post" about her. I had no idea that this rose has become that tall and wide for you! Thanks for the treat this Saturday afternoon! Looking forward to more photos of your roses in the spring flush!

  6. Very, very pretty. What lovely photos of a lovely rose.

  7. This truly is a beautiful rose Masha.

  8. Dear Masha ~ this rose is stunning and I just love the way she grows and wants to spread her beauty as far as she can.

    Thank you for sharing her with us.


  9. Oh what a beauty! I will watch out for her here and when I find her she has to move into my gwundergarten. The photos you made are superb again! Can't believe that you've got already blooming roses... yes, I'm green of envy :o).
    Have a lovely day

  10. What a gorgeous rose! I love how you have her trained along the fence. And that is wonderful that it blooms on the north and the south side equally. Just stunning!

  11. What a beauty Ellie is. I have a similar trellis type fence which would look good with a climbing Rose trained in such a way. However the fence in our conditions would soon rot if not treated regularly.

  12. That is one robust Rose! I wish I could be there to see it in person! The double blooms are so romantic!

  13. Just lovely! All of your photos are beautiful! You have clearly shown why we LOVE roses!

  14. Hi Masha! This rose of yours really is a beauty, it reminds me of Senateur Lafollette, somehow, in particular the foliage and all those shades of pink. This is more double though. I love the way you trained it to the top of the fence.

  15. Bonjour masha,
    Elie est magnifique et magnifiquement menait ! Vos photos sont parfaites pour le percevoir : en fait les pétales centrales sont rose clair et à l'extérieur ils sont plus foncé et cela lui fait paraître un onglet plus soutenu, j'adore !
    Quel âge a-t-il ce grand garçon ?
    Chez vous il fait chaud très tôt, ici en provence le printemps pointe son nez et la journée a été magnifique avec une légère brise, un régal !
    Avec toute ma sympathie !

  16. Thank you!

    L'Arlésienne, bonjour and merci pour les compliments. Elie est seulement 4 ans et très robuste.

  17. Such a lovely specimen of a rose that you have there and all your photos did it much justice. I love the way you train it over the fence and optimise flowering. I particularly love the fourth photo where the flowers drape prettily over the wooden trelis with the blue sky in the background.

  18. Beautiful!
    Your garden is a paradise!
    I can't imagine that can be true..
    I love roses too et i've got 125 Specimens of roses since 3 years!
    It's a passion..

  19. As usual your roses are unparalleled. Your text adds a delightful lilt as well. Thank you for such enjoyment.


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