Saturday, January 1, 2011

Damasks, Portlands and Mosses at the Heritage

Here are some more of this spring's photos.

Parkjuwel (Kordes, Moss, 1950)

Soupert et Notting (Jean Pernet, Moss, 1874)

Black Boy (Kordes, Moss, 1958)

'Arcata Perpetual Damask' (Found, Portland)

Prolifera de Redoute (unknown, centifolia, before 1759)

Mme. Souveton (Jean Pernet, Damask Perpetual, 1874)

Sydonie (Vibert, Damask Perpetual, 1847)

Mme de la Roche-Lambert (Robert, Moss, 1861)

Cumberland Belle (discovered  by Dreere, Moss, 1900)

Robert Leopold (Buatois, Moss, 1941)


  1. Oh, Masha, these are beautiful. I wonder if there are any mosses that grow happily in Florida.


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