Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Gift of a Plant

The gift of a plant from a gardening friend is like no other gift. It is a living memory, always changing, growing, beautiful. What a difference it makes from a plant bought at a nursery....

I am so grateful for these lavender seedlings I received yesterday from a friend who also grows roses and likes photography.

I was also shown around the garden, immaculately kept (not a weed in sight!), with many carefully pruned roses, and lots of lavender and salvias beautifully tended.  I had a wonderful time!

I am looking forward to watching these lavender seedlings grow and bloom on my frequent walks through the garden, and remembering the generous gardener whose gift they are.  How much joy one can get from something so simple. Thank you.


  1. Lavender - what a special gift! I love lavenders, their look and smell. And they are tough too! Some of my plants have the names of friends and relatives who gave them to me. You are right, a gift from a gardening friend is always special!

  2. Giving a seedling the name of a friend is a great idea, thank you!


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