Friday, January 14, 2011

The Fruits of Pruning

As I was pruning my two Imposter roses today, I felt a dull pain in the joint of my right thumb. I thought it might be the first twinge of arthritis. Serves me right. I shouldn't spend so much time at the computer, and I definitely shouldn't have so many roses that it takes a month to prune them. I came home, took my gloves off, and found a thorn stuck into that very spot that hurt. Who would have thought? I took it out and it stopped hurting. Now perhaps I could write another blog post after all, and maybe get another rose or two.

All those hips (and buds) came from my two bushes. I am going to try and make some hip tea, now that I feel better:-)


  1. It seems that, no matter how good our gloves are, a thorn will always find its way inside. I jabbed one into the end of my left thumb while I was pruning the ramblers last month. Ouch!!

  2. Thorns are AWFUL, and feel so good when they come out. Your rose hips look great and I bet your tea was delicious. Do you just put boiling water over them, and how many do you use? Is it ok to use any rose hips to make tea?

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment. I look forward to visiting here with you more often.


  3. Yes, the hip tea was great, thank you, Flowerlady! I think you can use any rose hips, although some of them are tastier than others. I am glad you stopped by.


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