Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Trip to the Beach and Acacia Dealbata

We went to a beach in Santa Cruz today and I was so happy to see Acacia Dealbata has started to bloom already!

This evergreen tree is native to Australia but grows in many warm climates, including the Mediterranean region and California. It usually blooms here in February-March, but this year it started early.

I love the fragrant yellow pom-poms and the ferny grey foliage. The blooms are widely used in florist trade and are known there as "mimosa". In Russia mimosa branches are some of the first blooms to appear for sale after a long winter, and are a welcome sign of spring.

The downside to this acacia is that it can spread easily here, is messy and brittle. It is not often seen in gardens where I live, but it lines highways (along with the Lady Bank's rose and oleanders) and is spectacular when in bloom. Spring must be almost here!

We came upon a whole hedge of pyracantha in all its glory.

Birds must be happy. But not these:

I love to go the beach in winter because the weather is much milder than in summer, and it is actually warmer.

Also, there are lots more shells, which makes the trips so interesting for my two sons.

Shells here are not that colorful but have an endless variety of patterns and textures. They really have to be looked at up close.

I need to get some ideas on what to do with those beach shells: we have pounds of them by now collected by my boys:-).

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