Friday, January 21, 2011

Roses at the Heritage: Hybrid Perpetuals I

Here are some beauties from this spring.

'Grandmother's Hat' (found). I have its sport, Tina Marie, and like its parent, it has wonderful droopy greyish foliage, plentiful and very clean here.

Baron de Bonstetten (Liabaud, 1871). I love the rich dark purple color and lighter outer edges. Beautiful blooms.

Mme Prevost (Corboeuf, 1900). References say Mme. Prevost is a white rose with pink highlights, so the attribution of this rose may not be correct.


  1. Masha, I love visiting the Heritage with you! Your photos are always wonderfully rich and real.
    Thanks for the treats!

  2. Thank you for taking a look, Sandra. I am very happy you liked them!

  3. Masha, the third picture from the top touched me the most - I love that color! I have a Poppy of similar color and just love it! Thank you!

  4. Thank you, Tatyana! I didn't know that poppies came in those colors... What is the name of yours?

  5. Thanks for sharing the HPs, Masha. I've got three of them but would love a garden full so your photos fill a void in my gardening life.

  6. Thank you, Sherry! I hope your three do well.

  7. Oh, I love your beautiful photos of these gorgeous roses. They look so romantic. Baron de Bonstetten especially steals my heart.

    You asked about the rose in my header. It's Rosa carolina. What is the rose in yours? I love the shadows of the stamens in the picture.

  8. Thank you, sweetbay. The rose in mine is Smarty, a shrub bred by Peter Ilsink in the Netherlands. Yours is very beautiful, I love species roses although most of them are too big to grow in my tiny yard...


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