Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am very fortunate to live so close to the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, the biggest rose collection in the Western Hemisphere. The collection comprises species roses, old European once-blooming roses, Teas, Chinas and other antique repeat-blooming roses, classic and modern Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, Shrubs and more. To quote from its website, "there is always something blooming at the Heritage!". By now I have taken thousands of pictures of roses in the garden, some to help with identification, most for pleasure. These posts are a way for me to organize these pictures and display them for others to enjoy.

Because I go there fairly regularly, I welcome requests for pictures of a specific rose, especially for the purposes of identification. I will gladly take pictures of canes, leaves, and stipules. The ones I have taken already are all on www.helpmefind.com.

There are not many sources for these rare and beautiful roses. Vintage Gardens probably has the widest selection of rare roses in commerce. Other vendors are Eurodesert Roses, Roses Unlimited, Antique Rose Emporium, Rogue Valley Roses, Hartwood Roses and Heirloom Roses. The Sacramento City Cemetery, which also maintains a collection of rare roses, hosts a spring event that includes sales of rare roses. The San Jose Heritage Rose Garden has a Fall Event where some rare and out-of-commerce roses can be acquired.

Miranda (de Sansal, 1869, Damask Perpetual, Portland)

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