Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Mamans Cochet

Here are some pictures of Maman Cochet and its two sports, Climbing Maman Cochet and White Maman Cochet.

Maman Cochet is a Tea rose hybridized by Scipion Cochet in France in 1892 from Marie Van Houtte and Mme Lombard. It is a big and impressive plant with large fragrant blooms.

White Maman Cochet was discovered by John Cook in 1896. It has beautiful blooms that are creamy white at the center.

Climbing Maman Cochet was discovered by J. R. Upton in 1909 in Australia, and looks very much like its parent except for the growth habit.


  1. Hello, Masha. I'm thinking about trying one of the climbing MCs. Does it have a scent, and how does it rate as a cut flower? Thanks.

    -- Penny

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment, TM. I left a response on your blog, I hope it helps a bit.


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